The Darkness - An undertaking from the Vaults of Exeter
September 28, 2017

The Darkness - An undertaking from the Vaults of Exeter

"Do I really look like someone who cares about what God thinks?" - The Blood Countess, Elizabeth Bathory (1560-1614).

Depicted as one of the most vicious serial killers of her era, Elizabeth Bathory was known for bathing in the blood of virgins to restore and rejuvenate her youthful complexion. Her fame as the most notorious female vampire is only mildly overshadowed by Count Dracula himself.

Born into a bloodline known for their wealth, impeccable looks, and stellar social position – the Bathory family ruled Transylvania practically as an independent principality within the Hungarian kingdom.  

Once married word spread of her sadistic nature – killing young girls, drinking their blood to preserve her youth and unbelievably, that was the lesser of two evils. Some young virgins were subjected to horrific and unspeakable torture.

With such a reputation like that, it began to make our minds wonder as to what the life and look of The Blood Countess would be like now.

Featuring the devilishly dark and sombre look of Tess Lyddon – we knew she’d be the only one who would be able to pull off the allure and enchantment that this soulless feme fatal was. Sourcing inspiration from portraits and impressions of Bathory in the height of her reign, the consistent theme was blood, magnetism and the darkness shrouding her like a

The video teaser needed to embody a POV of what the virgins may have experienced. The raw sexuality of The Countess, luring the young girls into the shadows of the dark and damp castle. For this exact reason, our location had to be The Vaults Exeter with a thriving nightlife and the ebb and flow of inebriated party goers, Bathory’s crimes would be barely seen as she would entice the young and foolish into the hidden chambers of The Vaults. Accompanied by dim lighting, erotic lingerie by Alluraura, blood and contacts from Halloween HQ – we never expected it to end like this.

As the lens of the camera met with our Neo-Bathory’s eyes, she embodied the power and raw undeniable attraction our serial killer once had. It was as if Bathory stood before us, unveiled, and living vicariously through this warm body – the chambers humming with groans of otherworldly visitors, standing and watching. With ambient lighting as our main source, we occasionally used studio lighting (low angle and Rembrandt) to highlight the white contacts in her eyes as her insensitive body sauntered into haunting poses through the chambers, Little Vaults Cocktail bar and the stark steel bathrooms.

The Darkness series might be divided among its viewers but one thing is for certain it leaves an impression under the skin…

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