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About Dark Moon Media

Dark Moon Media is the brainchild of photographer Dominick Mortier who has established himself through clever use of animation, illustration and photography.

The vision is to build a community of creatives who deliver excellent corporate & creative work to their clients through collaboration & input from peers.

The idea was born back in 2009, in a rural part of South Africa.
Between now and then lies a lot of hard work, a move halfway across the world and starting from scratch in a different setting.

Now based in Exeter, South West England, Dark Moon Media has everything in place to step into what has been a mere idea up to now.

Motion Graphics
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Illustrating for Macmillan Publishers, creating brochure and logo designs for small independent businesses.

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Photographing editorial and Ecommerce products, boudoir and corporate events.

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Motion Graphics

Developing in-house tutorial, kinetic typography and music videos.

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Image enhancing, portraiture and compositing imagery.

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Weddings, corporate events and introductory videos for The National Trust.

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Editing animation, videography and photography.

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Oil and Dust Calendar 2018
Product Photography
Editorial Photography
Fashion Photography
Corporate Photography
Behind the scenes
Portrait Photography
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The Creator of

Dark Moon Media

Dominick Mortier

Founder & photographer

Dominick is a self-taught photographer with an impressive portfolio. He has a keen eye for a good shot and enjoys bringing out the best in the models he works with.
Have a look on Instagram for behind-the-scenes and up to date projects!

Balancing corporate & creative work, he finds himself behind the lens of very diverse project: different settings, styles and situations.
Be it product shots one day or capturing website images for a  martial arts dojo another.

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07842 636 413
Exeter, South west, United Kingdom

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